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Salo 4H-association

4H is a worldwide, politically independent youth organization founded in 1928. Slogan “Learning by doing” tells about 4H methods. In Finnish 4H organization there are about 60 000 members of which the majority are young people aged from 6 to 28 years (2013). There are over 200 4H-associations in Finland.

Salo 4H-association provides the following activities and services in the city of Salo:

4H clubs for first to sixth graders

Here in Salo children can take part in all our clubs by paying the 4H membership fee or a club fee. The clubs start at the beginning of September each year and last untill the end of May or so. Youngsters aged 15-28 plan the weekly programs and conduct the clubs. There is some variation in 4H clubs each year so we recommend you to contact us for further information.

Workplace skills and courses

Salo 4H-association provides several different types of courses each year to help 13 to 28 years old youngsters to fit more easily to the world of work. There are for example the 8 hours Passport to work course which is usually organized as a part of school year for 8th to 9th graders. Working life courses vary from dog care to gardening depending on what kind of subjects the young prefers.

Jobs for young people

Salo 4H-association creates jobs for young people. The employers are private individuals, associations and companies. The 4H association takes care of the employer's obligations so the whole process is very easy for the employers. At the same time the youngsters get their important first work experiences. In Salo an average of 10 youngsters become employed like this (usually short gigs but sometimes even months) each year. 

4H enterprise

A readymade concept for supporting young people's entrepreneurship and a great opportunity for young people aged from 13 to 28 years. A 4H enterprise is undertaken by a young person or a group, supported by an adult supervisor. It´s a leisure activity through which young people gain basic knowledge on setting up and running their own businesses. In Salo there are dozens of active entrepreneurs wich is a lot even nationally conscidered.

If you would like to have more information about any of our activities, please fill in our contact/feedback form. Or give us a call, Anna 044 777 8535. We speak quite fluent english and we'll be happy to help. Read more about 4H here!